Eight Words

Jan 23, 2016

RAY:  This was sent in by Bob Dinger.

Each and every word in this list has the same unusual uniqueness in common. Here are the words:


And here's a hint. If I left one of the words off the list, it wouldn't affect the answer. What do these words have in common?

RAY: The answer is that if you take the first letter of each of these words and put it at the end, and then spell the word backwards, you wind up with the original word. For example, voodoo is V-O-O-D-O-O, you put the V at the end and it's V-O-O, D-O-O backwards. OK? Now before we get 9,000 emails saying there are many more words you can add to this list, I know there are.

TOM: Right. You didn't say these were the only words.

RAY: Oh no. By no means. So do we have a winner?

TOM: The winner this week is Don Eaton from Charleston, South Carolina. Congratulations!

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