That Puzzler Packs a Punch

Tom and Ray,

Usually your infantile puzzlers take me no more than 15 minutes to conjure up the correct answer... but this week it's driving me crazy and has caused problems.

I'm in my kitchen last night, which happens to have a double light switch, trying to figure out your "Prisoners in Peril" puzzler. As I go through the various scenarios, I flip the switches testing my different hypotheses. Soon there is a policeman at the door asking if anything is wrong. He tells me that various neighbors have seen the my lights blinking in strange sets of 23, or 12 or 11, and thought I was signaling a distress call. I tried to explain what I was doing, but only got a very strange look in reply. He asked if I would stop until I could tell my neighbors what I was doing, so they wouldn't call 911 any more. I agreed but in two minutes after they left, my house is full of concerned neighbors, asking "What happened?"

I received the same "LOOK" from them as I did the Police Officer. They all left mumbling. The few words I could make outwere: "Shame... he's so young," or about a "beautiful mind" or maybe it was a "strange mind."


Don Hatosy

P.S. And I'm sure my electric bill will be higher this month thanks to you both!

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