Making Amends with the Car Gods

Making Amends With the Car Gods

From: Cate Mangan

Hello Guys,

I would like to know what I need to do in order to ingratiate myself with the car gods. I have been very lucky in my 49 years, and have been known to say that I have been very lucky with both new and used cars. This caused my mechanic dad to sigh and look to heaven. In the last year I have been through no less than 6 cars with the most bizarre situations caused who knows how. I have been run off the road and totaled, rolled and totaled, been on fire and had antifreeze fumes rolling into the car, had no less than three wheels come off while driving (2 in the same 100 feet!), blown a slave cylinder, had a radiator blow up, lost all the electric functions, had a horn start to blow and not stop... And I will stop there. What have I done to offend the car gods??? What can I do to make amends?


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