A Bone to Pick

Hey!! I've Got A Bone To Pick With You Guys!!

From: Gregg Wilson

Here's the deal: I manage a lube shop in Albany, Oregon. My crew and I listen to your show on Saturdays, if the boss isn't around.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago you had a call from a woman in Corvallis, which is the next town west of us. She had a little old Chevy, and had called you because she was unable to get the car's hood to open. After a couple minutes of irrelevant discussion and mindless banter, you suggested that she take the car for an oil change, and play dumb when the lube monkeys couldn't open the hood. You assured her that they would HAVE to get the hood open, as a matter of manly pride, and that they would probably not charge her for this service.

Well, a couple of weeks passed, and this topic passed out of mind, until last Saturday. I got a buzz from one of my crew bosses-"Can you come out to the shop?" When I arrived, I found my crew in the process of removing the grille from (you guessed it) a little old Chevy, in order to gain access to the hood release latch. The light bulb went on above my head, and I thought, "Those two morons set me up for this!"

Well, we got the hood open, and cleaned the rust out of the release latch and cable housing, and we didn't charge her for it. But all this took forty-five minutes, and I had two appointments cancel because the waiting line was backed up to thirty minutes. Now we get $24.95 for a very thorough oil change and inspection, and you bozos cost me two customers. At the very least, I figure you guys owe me $49.90. So you can pay up, or you can pay Dewey Cheetham a lot more than a measly $50 to defend, you if I sue.

Best regards,

Gregg Wilson.

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