Car Talk Test Drive Notes

Read reviews from Car Talk test drivers.

All About Electric Vehicles

Everything you ever wanted to know about electric vehicles, including explainers, FAQs, a buying guide and much more.

Secret Tricks of Car Salesmen

Car Talk goes undercover and gets the inside scoop, from operative "Deep Plaid."

Hybrid Vehicles

What's a hybrid?  How do they work?  Should you buy one?  Answers here.

Car Talk's Guide to Alternative Fuels

Tired of the petro-industrial complex?  Get the lowdown on ethanol, biodiesel, and straight vegetable oil.

Car Talk Auto Advisor

Need help picking your next car?  Our human-vehicle matching quiz helps you narrow down the options.

Buying Cars Safely on Craigslist

Craigslist can be a great way to buy a used car, but there are some basic safety tips to keep in mind that apply to buying cars privately, regardless of the source.

The Economics of Buying a Luxury Car

Luxury cars used to have exclusive features, but these days many basic models have heated seats, stability control, active headlamps, and killer infotainment systems. Why buy luxury?

5 Inside Tips for Buying Your First New Car

Congratulations, you've graduated and you're buying your first new car! Here's how not to get taken for a ride.

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