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Traffic viewed through windshield
Nov 27, 2018

Strange Wiper Behavior Gets the Brush-Off from Dealer

Dear Car Talk

This Ford Fusion's wipers are a pain in the glass.

wipers Ford Fusion

Are Pricey Wipers Worth the Bucks?
May 22, 2018

Are Pricey Wipers Worth the Bucks?

Dear Car Talk

Should you wring out your wallet to wipe off your windshield?


His Windshield Wipers Seem to Have No 'off' Switch
May 09, 2017

His Windshield Wipers Seem to Have No 'off' Switch

Dear Car Talk

The windshied wipers on Steve's Chrysler Town & Country won't turn off, even with the car off. How can he keep them from going to town?

wipers fuses Chrysler Town & Country 2006

Chevy Caprice Classic wipers don't work on high
May 07, 2015

What's Wrong With the Wipers?

Dear Car Talk

The wipers on Brad's '96 Caprice Classic work fine on low and intermittent, but when he turns them up to high, they freeze up. What's Car Talk's diagnosis?

wipers Chevrolet Caprice Classic

Honda Odyssey rear wiper stopped working
Mar 26, 2015

What Caused Rear Wiper Failure?

Dear Car Talk

Vinod's rear wiper stopped working. So far his mechanic has replaced the motor, a coil, and a switch, to no avail. What can they try next? Car Talk suggest he try a different mechanic! 


Sep 28, 2012

Tomorrow's Tech Today: Cool Innovations, from Smart Windshield Wipers to Start-Stop

Jim Motavalli

Bosch throws open the lab doors and lets Car Talk see what it's working on. Much of the new stuff is laser-targeted at making cars more fuel efficient, but there's also safety electronics that get us closer to self-driving cars.


windshield washer fluid and coolant mix up
Aug 01, 2010

What to do when the washer fluid goes astray?

Dear Car Talk

My aunt called me the other day and said she had trouble trying to find the place where you put more windshield-washer fluid. She told me the only cover she found was one that said "Coolant." You guessed it --...

fluids wipers

Feb 01, 2008

Can you help Tom and Ray solve a very stinky problem?

Dear Car Talk

I own a Jaguar Silverstone XKR. When I use the windshield washers, the smell is a cross between very bad breath and cow manure. I've emptied the tank several times and flushed it with Clorox, but it still puts out...

smells wipers

Oct 01, 1999

How can I clean out my windshield wiper fluid container?

Dear Car Talk

My ' Honda Civic EX recently developed a new feature The blue windshield washer solution has been colonized by some pink slime that smells like somebody's unwashed gym clothes My microbiologist co-worker says that there are some forms of microbial...

cleaning wipers fluids

May 01, 1999

Every time I press the windshield wiper button my car stalls!

Dear Car Talk

It started last fall as I was driving my wife's ' Taurus When I depressed the windshield washer button the car immediately stalled I had to get the car towed to a Ford dealer who analyzed the problem and told...

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