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Mcity: A test track for self-driving cars
Jan 18, 2017

Appearances Are Deceiving at Michigan's Self-Driving Car Test Tracks

Jim Motavalli

Remember the Truman Show? Michigan's fake towns serve a purpose--testing autonomous and connected vehicles, without having to be on public roads. Global automakers are paying attention. 

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Delphi self driving car
Dec 04, 2016

Thinking Machines: A Ride in Delphi's Self-Driving Cars, Targeted for 2019

Jim Motavalli

Autonomous from Delphi and Uber cars hit the road in Pittsburgh, where once the steel trucks ruled.


2016 European Web Summit
Nov 14, 2016

Talking Robots, Connected Scooters and Sharing Rides at the Web Summit

Jim Motavalli

Europe's answer to CES is just as packed with great tech ideas. Previously in Dublin, now it connects in Lisbon.

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Pros and cons of self driving cars
Oct 13, 2016

Build First, Ask Questions Later

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Autonomous cars will change the way we live. So why is industry getting to call our shot into the future?

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Sep 13, 2016

From the Cockpit, It's Ford's Self-Driving Car

Jim Motavalli

We're getting closer to taking the driver out of the equation. Ford is putting its autonomous vehicles into shuttle service on its Dearborn, Michigan, corporate campus by 2018. Meanwhile, journalists get to go along for test rides.

self-driving Ford Fusion Hybrid 2018

communal cars
Aug 30, 2016

The End of the Private Car? It's Coming.

Jim Motavalli

The future is a shared, autonomous electric pod. Is that scary? Here are the benefits.


The case against self-driving cars.
Jul 27, 2016

Jesus Don't Take the Wheel

Tim Cotton

I'll drive, thanks. But if you don't mind, would you take a quick look at my insurance policy?


May 20, 2016

Big Wheels: A Clean Revolution for Trucks and Buses

Jim Motavalli

Dirty tailpipes are still spewing diesel pollution, but new technology will make the nation's 18-wheelers and transit systems much more environmentally friendly.

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Apr 28, 2016

Silicon Valley Has the Stardust, but the Automakers Know Cars

Jim Motavalli

Google and Apple have the Big Three running scared, but they're not ready to build their own vehicles. Tesla? Well, that's another story.

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Do people want driverless cars
Apr 27, 2016

The Driverless Car is Coming: But Are Human Drivers Happy About It?

Craig Fitzgerald

You might trust Google to deliver your Nigerian scam email, but do you trust them to deliver you safely through traffic? Those are the kinds of questions that the MIT AgeLab is asking you to answer in a survey on autonomous technology, as part of the NEMPA/MIT Technology Conference on May 26.

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