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Warped Brake Discs Are Bad News
Oct 19, 2017

Warped Brake Discs Are Bad News

Dear Car Talk

Don't ignore that shaky steering wheel--other parts could fail, too.

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Honda CR-V has warped brake rotors
Sep 03, 2015

Did Outside Storage Cause Rotors to Warp?

Dear Car Talk

Galen's car was recalled for airbags and during the two-month wait for the repair, it sat outside the dealership. When he picked it up, he found his brake rotors were warped. Was exposure to the elements to blame? Car Talk thinks there's another explanation.


why do mechanics turn rotors to remove imperfections
Oct 01, 2003

Why do rotors need turning when brake pads get replaced?

Dear Car Talk

In your column about breaking in brake pads you said that the pads need to be broken in so that they match the grooves and ridges from the previous say miles of stopping That makes perfect sense to me So...

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do volkswagens use thinner rotors than other cars and if so why
Aug 01, 2003

Is it true that Volkswagen designs their rotors to wear out at the same time as their brake pads?

Dear Car Talk

I have a VW Golf T which I have enjoyed owning -- except when I have taken it to the shop for brake pads When I brought it in at miles the dealer told me that I needed not only...

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Oct 01, 1999

Is it possible to machine just one side of the rotors?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Olds Cutlass Ciera in very good condition with miles The brakes stop the car promptly smoothly and without pulsation The pads have been replaced once and the rotors have never been machined When I took it to...


May 01, 1999

Those shimmying front wheels might indicate some warped rotors.

Dear Car Talk

I drive a Acura Legend with miles on it It has an annoying problem The front wheels shimmy when the brakes are applied The brake rotors have been turned the steering gearbox valve rack guide screw has been adjusted and...

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Aug 01, 1998

Could new brakes rust up overnight in an "island atmosphere"?

Dear Car Talk

We have a Subaru Legacy all-wheel-drive wagon It was recently in to the dealer for its five-year checkup In addition to a tuneup and a timing-belt change they also installed new brakes Now my car's brakes squeal every morning when...

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Mar 01, 1998

Your rotors are humming, Phil.

Dear Car Talk

I did a front-end brake job on my ' Dodge Ram truck I took the front rotors off and had them turned at a local shop I put in new pads and put everything back together correctly I drove away...

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Jan 01, 1998

When braking my steering wheel rattles and shakes.

Dear Car Talk

First of all I have to disagree with you gentlemen on your opinion of BMW drivers we don't ALL drive on the sidewalk I have a e and it has a problem I cannot figure out Sometimes when I step...

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Nov 01, 1997

Shouldn't a brake specialist be able to prove with a micrometer that a rotor is too thin to be recut before insisting on new rotors?

Dear Car Talk

When my grandson was visiting me during his last college break the brakes on his old Honda conked out His dad wired money for a minimum brake job what father wouldn't But the young man called me in a panic...

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