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When to replace a muffler
Aug 01, 2009

Today: Tom and Ray settle a premarital dispute over a rusty muffler.

Dear Car Talk

Please help settle a debate between me and my boyfriend. We share a 1994 Honda Accord with 212,000 miles. Last summer while driving it from Iowa City, Iowa (where we lived with the car for three years), to Oakland, Calif., we had...


Can duct tape fix an exhaust pipe
Apr 01, 2009

Will duct tape work on a car's exhaust system?

Dear Car Talk

My son, 16, bought a '77 Pontiac Grand Prix. It's loud, with a big motor (muscle-car-type motor, original everything). Anyway, he sawed off the exhaust pipe to make it even louder, even though I told him he could get a ticket...

DIY mufflers

Mar 01, 2008

So... what's with the hair coming out of Linda's muffler?

Dear Car Talk

Please help me. I have a 1996 Honda Accord that runs great -- no complaints. However, this morning, coming back to my car in a parking lot, I noticed some long hair or fur hanging out from my exhaust pipe. I...

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should i suspect foul play is behind an exploding muffler
Sep 01, 2006

Was the muffler on a neighbor's car the victim of foul play?

Dear Car Talk

I have a question that might involve automotive espionage. Last Saturday, my wife and I were awakened by a very loud explosion that shook our upstairs windows -- we thought someone had bombed our neighborhood. We investigated to find everyone...


could we have detected the problem that caused our muffler to explode
Sep 01, 2006

Just What Would Cause Angela's Muffler to Explode?

Dear Car Talk

What would cause a muffler to explode? We just had work done on our '93 Saab 900S. It was running very sluggish up hills, and diagnostics showed several leaks in the exhaust pipes leading out of the catalytic converter. After...

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why am i getting better mileage without my catalytic converter
Feb 01, 2005

Can my Geo Metro get by without a catalytic converter...and a muffler?

Dear Car Talk

I have a ' Geo Metro with a -liter engine and a five-speed transmission I recently took my car four-wheeling and broke a few things OK OK I broke a lot of things -- the catalytic converter being one of...

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what is the hair growing out of my tailpipe made out of
Jul 01, 2003

What is the "hair" that appears to be coming out of my tailpipe?

Dear Car Talk

This morning I went to my car to find that it had grown what appeared to be hair from the tailpipe It was about inches long and gray with brown highlights I had to get to class for a test...

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how could it be safe to drive with a hole in my muffler
Apr 01, 2003

Is driving with a "holey" muffler dangerous?

Dear Car Talk

I've got a ' Honda Civic that has had a hole in the muffler sound for about a month and my husband says it's fine to drive it that way We need this car to go on a family visit...


Jul 01, 2000

Why am I going through a muffler every year? Is it Midas or me?

Dear Car Talk

I drive a Toyota Camry I've gone to Midas and I've gotten a muffler with a lifetime warranty However I've had to have the muffler replaced just about every months The muffler has gotten so loud every spring for the...


Jun 01, 2000

Why are my new mufflers LOUDER than the old one?

Dear Car Talk

For the past month I have been trying to get a certain muffler company to put a quiet muffler on my car I originally brought the car into the shop because of an incessant rattle I was informed that the...

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