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Audi R8 V8 coupe
May 30, 2013

Car Talk Goes Mid-Engine

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Sure, most of us will never own a rare, 430-horsepower V8 sportscar - but they sure are fun to test-drive!

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LaFerrari review
Mar 25, 2013

LaFerrari: Fast, Furious, Too Bad About the Name

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

One car that won't be making an appearance in New York this week is LaFerrari, by...Ferrari.

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1961 Jaguar E-Type
Oct 11, 2012

Lana Del F-type: Launching the New Jaguar Sports Car

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Jaguar launches its new F-Type, but an auto show from more than 50 years ago still looms large. Jamie Kitman explains.

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Jul 24, 2012

Fast Forward: First Pedal to the Metal in Tesla's Model S

Jim Motavalli

The Tesla Model S is billed as an electric rocket ship with 300-mile range that doubles as a practical sedan. How's it stack up against those claims? Jim Motavalli takes it for a spin and reports back.

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Jun 01, 2012

The Tesla Model S: Preparing to Launch

Jim Motavalli

Tesla Motors is just three weeks away from launching its all-new sedan, with twice the room and half the price of the celebrated Roadster. No test drive yet, but here's the sum of what we know.

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 Bentley EXP 9F
May 11, 2012

Vulgarians at the Gate: The Revenge of the Super Utes

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Luxury SUVs: They're vulgar, they're pricey and they're selling like hotcakes.

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Lincoln Town Car
Apr 25, 2012

Lost in the Land of Lincoln

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

“My wife and I are looking for a non-descript automobile from a deeply damaged luxury brand, preferably based on an obsolete Mazda6 platform. What can you do for us?”

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Apr 04, 2012

Back to the Future…Again

Jim Motavalli

A Texas-based company plugs in the DeLorean, with Flux batteries instead of flux capacitors. Look for this 100-mile-range, $90,000 sizzler at the New York International Auto Show this week.

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Sep 21, 2011

Concours D'Elegance: High-End Car Shows Weather the Recession

Jim Motavalli

The blue blazer and white-glove auto events in upscale Connecticut can dazzle, even if the owners just write the checks. Auctions are part of the picture, and this year the results were decidedly mixed.

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Apr 01, 2008

What's the right high-end car for a corporate vice president?

Dear Car Talk

I am an older woman who has just taken a vice presidential position with a company that is virtually all male and, thus, I do not want to display my profound ignorance about cars. The company has said that it...

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