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which car fluids need to be replaced and when
Oct 20, 2016

Caring For a Truck That Sits

Dear Car Talk

Mike has a pickup that spends a lot of time sitting--when it's not being borrowed. What's the best way to maintain a truck that doesn't rack up the miles?

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When to change transmission fluids
Jan 19, 2016

Mechanic vs. Manual: When's the Right Time to Change Fluids?

Dear Car Talk

Leroy can't get a straight answer on when to change the transmission fluids in his older cars. Can Car Talk set the record straight?

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Can tractor hydraulic fluid be used in cars
Sep 10, 2015

Today: Acceptable Substitutions for Transmission Fluid?

Dear Car Talk

Marc wants to substitute tractor hydraulic fluid for the recommended Dextron trasmission fluid his car takes. Can Car Talk talk him out of this harebrained idea?

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Can old and new power steering fluid be combined
Sep 12, 2013

Advice for an Aspiring Steering Fluid Mixologist

Dear Car Talk

Greg found some power steering fluid of questionable vintage while cleaning out his parents' garage. Now he wonders if it would be risky to mix them up and use them. Tom and Ray say he should go ahead and mix them together, as long as he's mixing them for the sole purpose of making it easier to transport to the nearest recycling facility. Find out why using this cocktail in a newer car is a terrible idea, right here.

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can you damage car by driving four miles short distance without transmission fluid
Mar 05, 2013

Today: How to Join Ray's Bonehead Support Group

Dear Car Talk

Tony was trying to save a buck by doing his own oil change and he accidentally drained the transmission fluid from his 2005 Toyota Sienna. And he was a few miles down the road before he realized his mistake. Now he wants to know what this boneheaded move is going to cost him. Find out Tom and Ray's predictions right here.

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Ford Focus cabin feels cold downhill in winter
Feb 21, 2013

Why Is Jim's Car Running Cold?

Dear Car Talk

Jim's Ford Focus runs cold downhill and normally when driving uphill. And when the engine runs cold, so does the passenger compartment. Can Tom and Ray help keep Jim from freezing his tuchus off? Find out what's going on, right here.

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Subaru Loyale with broken dipstick
Oct 01, 2011

Today: Will a stuck dipstick on Ken's Subaru Loyale cause trouble?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Subaru Loyale -wheel-drive wagon The transmission-fluid dipstick has broken off the cap The stem is down the fill tube beyond where I can reach it with a telescoping magnet I tried to grasp it with a long...

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Can I use synthetic motor oil
Sep 01, 2011

Will Lisa's big mistake lead to a crash?

Dear Car Talk

I'm an idiot I just poured synthetic motor oil into my master cylinder Am I destined to crash -- Lisa RAY Well not unless you drive the car Lisa If you leave it parked you should be fine TOM It's...

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Can you use malt liquor as an engine coolant
Jan 01, 2011

Can malt liquor be used as an engine coolant?

Dear Car Talk

Last summer, I was commuting home from work on the highway, and my 1998 Nissan Maxima started to overheat. The temperature outside was 90+. The engine started heaving, so I had to pull off the interstate and sit for a while, waiting...

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why would the fluids in my car need to be flushed twice what is power flushing
Oct 01, 2010

Does Rick need a little power behind his transmission flush?

Dear Car Talk

Hi, guys! I have a 2006 Toyota RAV4 that was due recently for the 60,000-mile maintenance. Toyota recommends that the transmission fluid be checked, but I told the independent shop that since it had never been changed (I bought it with...

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