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Nissan Maxima makes a thump after hitting speedbumps
Dec 22, 2015

What's Going "Thud" in the Trunk?

Dear Car Talk

Everytime Vinnie hits a speedbump in his Nissan Maxima, he hears a thump, like something is loose in the trunk. He's double-checked and can't find the problem. Does Car Talk have a theory?

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Difference between dual and single exhaust systems
Aug 27, 2015

Today: What's the Advantage of Having Two Tailpipes?

Dear Car Talk

John remembers when cars had true dual exhaust systems. He wonders if today's two-tailpipe cars have any advantages over the single tailpipe variety. Car Talk's explanation here.

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are dual exhausts just cosmetic
Apr 03, 2012

Tom and Ray Explain Dual Exhaust

Dear Car Talk

Gary likes the look of cars and trucks with chrome dual exhaust but he wonders if those doublle tail pipes are really doing anything or are just for show.

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does the size of exhaust piping affect gas mileage
Feb 01, 2003

Scott's exhaust system is exhausted.

Dear Car Talk

I went to get my car Toyota Tercel inspected and the inspector told me that my exhaust system which has never had any part of it replaced was bad and had to be replaced the whole thing from the exhaust...

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Nov 01, 2001

Smelling exhaust fumes in your air vents IS cause for concern.

Dear Car Talk

We have a ' Ford Escort with miles Recently we've noticed the strong smell of exhaust coming in through the air conditioner or heater almost every time we come to a complete stop This only happens when we have the...

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Jul 01, 2001

So many things could be damaged by hitting a curb at 30 mph - but get that front end checked pronto.

Dear Car Talk

Let's say a moron decided to take a shortcut through a parking lot at night This moron might drive a well-seasoned ' Dodge Dakota two-wheel-drive V- with an automatic transmission To the moron's surprise there was a curb in the...

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Jun 01, 2001

Smelling mothballs in the passenger compartment.

Dear Car Talk

My dad owns an old Ford Mustang and regularly stuffs mothballs in the tank to increase octane or whatever I drive the car every day and I notice a sweet-smelling but strong odor enveloping the interior whenever the car is...

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Jan 01, 2001

What is a "buzz kit"?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Honda Accord I recently went to the dealer to have my car repaired because I heard a buzzing and rattling sound coming from the exhaust A few months ago I had the heat shields replaced Now they...

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Nov 01, 2000

What could be causing the noise in my engine when driving from an incline to a flat surface?

Dear Car Talk

We have a ' Toyota Corolla DX with miles on it After driving slowly up an incline and then going onto flat ground the engine noise changes The noise sounds like pebbles or sand particles floating at the bottom of...

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Jun 01, 2000

Why are my new mufflers LOUDER than the old one?

Dear Car Talk

For the past month I have been trying to get a certain muffler company to put a quiet muffler on my car I originally brought the car into the shop because of an incessant rattle I was informed that the...

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