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Mar 01, 2007

Is modern auto mechanics ready for the full dashboard transplant? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

I love my 2005 Honda CR-V, except for the dashboard. The numbers on the radio, the digital clock and the odometer -- especially at night -- are way too small and dark for me to see clearly (black on gray --...


Sep 01, 2002

Removing my own dashboard?

Dear Car Talk

I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee that I love I have a habit of laying my cell phone behind the steering wheel on the little shelf just below where the instruments are Recently while waiting at a drive-through I had...

DIY dashboards

Apr 01, 1990

Unidentified rattling object...

Dear Car Talk

I have a Buick LeSabre with a little less than miles on it A white object has partially covered the odometer and I cannot read the mileage I have checked with our mechanic He has no explanation for it and...


Jan 01, 1990

Lights that won't come on...

Dear Car Talk

We have two Grand Am Pontiacs in our family both of which have the same problem In cold weather when the headlights are turned on the dashboard lights don't come on A few miles down the road they come on...

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