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is my kia ruining its own clutch by burning it
Apr 24, 2012

Another Clutch Bites the Dust in Mark's Kia

Dear Car Talk

Mark's Kia has burned through three clutches in eight months. Mark swears he knows how to drive. Is there something wrong with his car?

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clutch in or out to start car
Sep 01, 2010

Is a vehicle easier to start with your foot pressing the clutch?

Dear Car Talk

I am a college student who loves anything mechanical, and I work on a local farm to earn a little extra money. My boss likes to keep costs down, and that includes maintenance on tractors. That being said, none of...

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Nov 01, 2009

Is keeping your clutch pressed in such a bad idea? Find out.

Dear Car Talk

A friend of mine at work and I have a disagreement regarding using the clutch on a standard-shift car. He says that keeping the clutch pressed in will wear out the throw-out bearing, and I say it won't. For example...

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is it possible to completely ruin the clutch of a new car in the first 70 miles
May 01, 2004

New clutch after only 68 miles -- a new world record?

Dear Car Talk

Hi guys I just bought a cool new five-speed turbo VW Bug convertible I bought it last Wednesday Happy birthday to me Saturday I took my daughter out to teach her how to drive a stick After minutes of driving...

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will car mechanics eventually stop servicing manual transmissions
Sep 01, 2003

Will there still be mechanics capable of repairing clutches in the not-too-distant future?

Dear Car Talk

I recently bought a five-speed ' Toyota Camry for my son It needed a new clutch so I took it to a very reputable foreign-car garage The owner made an interesting comment Almost all the cars we work on are...

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Oct 01, 2001

Why won't this car start when the windows are closed on a hot day?

Dear Car Talk

I need your help in solving a problem that really has me stumped My Nissan Sentra has a few strange habits most of which I can live with -- but not this one When the car sits in the sun...

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Apr 01, 2001

How to test your clutch to see if it's slipping.

Dear Car Talk

I have a Toyota Runner with a five-speed transmission and miles I take good care of it and I know how to drive It still has the original clutch which works fine But I know it will eventually wear out...

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May 01, 2000

Are manual transmissions generally more reliable than automatics?

Dear Car Talk

My wife and I are in the market for a new Toyota My wife insists on getting a manual transmission over an automatic She believes that automatics are more prone to breakage What's the deal Are automatic transmissions more or...

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Nov 01, 1999

How long can one reasonably expect a manual transmission to last these days?

Dear Car Talk

How long can one reasonably expect a manual transmission to last these days I drive a Volvo wagon At miles I had my First and Second gear synchros replaced by Volvo at no charge Then miles later I had the...

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Jun 01, 1999

How fast can I go in reverse before doing some damage?

Dear Car Talk

For the past three years I've been living in the bush in Africa as an Emergency Relief Coordinator I generally travel in a Toyota Landcruiser and I have a couple of questions First if I get caught in an ambush...

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