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does scrubbing the headlamps at a gas station scratch them
Aug 01, 2016

Scrub Those Headlights -- Or Gently Bathe Them?

Dear Car Talk

Ronald and his wife are arguing about cleaning--but it's about their car's headlights, not the dishes. Who's going to win?

cleaning headlights

Safety feature gets cars stuck in automatic car washes
Dec 11, 2015

This One New Car Feature Might Leave You Stuck at the Car Wash

Craig Fitzgerald

Relying on a computer to protect you from your own stupidity leads to all kinds of unintended consequences, especially when pulling into an automatic car wash.

cleaning safety features Volvo XC90

Removing vomit smell from car
Jun 26, 2015

How to Clean Up After a Carsick Doggie


Did your Great Dane just regurgitate three pounds of kibble in the backseat of your Kia? Never fear. Car Talk pet experts Melissa and Sip explain how to keep smells at bay.

pets cleaning smells

how can i remove a horrible pet smell from my car
Oct 02, 2012

Is There Any Hope for Joan's Stinky Prius?

Dear Car Talk

Joan's brother's dog befouled the backseat of her Prius and three years later, it still stinks! Can Tom and Ray help Joan out or is she doomed to spend the rest of her days driving a rolling olfactory nightmare?

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how can i prevent fleas in my car
Sep 04, 2012

Today: My Mechanic Has Fleas!

Dear Car Talk

Karen just got her car back from the shop and now it's full of fleas! Turns out Tom and Ray are suspiciously knowledgable about flea infestations. Find out what they suggest for Karen right here.

cleaning pets interiors

how should I clean the headliner of my car
May 01, 2011

Today: headliner cleaning tips that keep the sky from falling.

Dear Car Talk

I recently purchased a '99 Chevy Suburban. It's replacing an '87 Suburban (which I call my Sanford and Son truck, and my daughter simply calls "Rusty"). The '99 is a great vehicle, in good shape, but is pretty grubby inside...

cleaning interiors

who should pay for cleaning a car after someone gets sick in it
Nov 01, 2010

Today: Tom and Ray handle a very sick etiquette question.

Dear Car Talk

I have an etiquette question. Consider the case of three families, all friends. Family A gets a new Escalade with all the bells and whistles. It is Daddy A's baby! Family B has a teenager with a history of motion...

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Car underpowered after carwash
Apr 01, 2010

How could a carwash cause Jonathan's Porsche to sputter?

Dear Car Talk

I bought a '72 Porsche 914 a few weeks ago. It was running great for about 10 days. Then I took it through a carwash. When it came out, it ran terribly. It was underpowered, and sputtered whenever I hit the gas...

cleaning spark plugs

removing the smell of vomit from a car
Mar 01, 2010

Today: what's the best way to clean up some... vomit?

Dear Car Talk

A passenger in my son's Toyota Tacoma truck did not get his head all the way out of the window prior to vomiting. The exterior and the interior of the truck have been detailed, but the smell lingers. When the...

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What is claying for a car
Oct 01, 2009

Could there actually be a good reason for putting clay on your car?

Dear Car Talk

So I'm thinking of getting my car detailed, and an associate gives me a referral. While perusing the service sheet, under "Options" is listed "Claying, add $30-$40." I'm thinking, "Holy spa treatment, Batman!" The other side of the service sheet...

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