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Is This a Case of a Bad Battery, or Evaporating Gas?
Apr 06, 2017

Is This a Case of a Bad Battery, or Evaporating Gas?

Dear Car Talk

Dave's '86 Toyota pickup truck turns over...and over...but is reluctant to start. Is a weak battery to blame, or something else?

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is exhaust from a classic car dangerous to breathe
Oct 11, 2016

The Engine is a Stinker, But Have They Exhausted All Options?

Dear Car Talk

Lola's '46 Ford truck has the smelliest exhaust in the neighborhood. Is it worth fixing, or is it a health hazard?

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69 VW Bug continuously bogs down
Jul 23, 2015

What's Next for the Bogged Down Bug?

Dear Car Talk

Jeffrey's '69 VW Bug continuously bogs down and he's tried everything to fix it. Nothing's worked. Car Talk's suggestion for what he should try next, right here.

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my car dies when i shift into drive or reverse
Aug 14, 2012

Vintage Mustang Needs a Vintage Mechanic

Dear Car Talk

Onofre's 1966 Ford Mustang starts fine but dies out whenever he shifts into gear. Tom and Ray diagnose a carburetor problem and offer some creative suggestions about how to find a mechanic with the right, er, qualifications to work on a carburetor. 


Is flooring the gas good for a carburetor
Jul 01, 2011

Is David saving his carburetor or just annoying his wife?

Dear Car Talk

I am writing to you to settle a disagreement that my dad and mom had when I was a kid (in the 1970s) and my wife and I have currently. Does an engine ever need to be floored (hard acceleration)...


Does blowing out the carbs help
Sep 01, 2009

Do you still need to "blow out the cobs" from time to time?

Dear Car Talk

I know we are supposed to drive our cars gently ... accelerate gently, brake gently, etc. But is there any benefit from occasional and brief full-throttle blast, for, say, a mile or so? As a boy in the 1960s, I recall...

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Mar 01, 2008

From our "arrested adolescence" department: how to make a old car fart.

Dear Car Talk

Back in the 1960s, when I was an adolescent male, one of my friends told me that he could get his old car (late- 1940s- or early- 1950s-era) to "fart" whenever he liked. When I expressed skepticism about this claim...


Jul 01, 2000

Does an engine have to be adjusted when moving to a high altitude locale?

Dear Car Talk

I have accepted a promotion with my company and have agreed to move to Denver I currently live in Columbus Ohio I drive a Honda Civic LX and was told that I would need my engine adjusted to deal with...

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May 01, 2000

Do I need a name brand rebuilt carburetor or can I install generic?

Dear Car Talk

My pampered BMW e has miles on it It has been lovingly cared for and purrs like a kitten But recently it started sounding like a B- bomber The BMW mechanic showed me the catalytic converter and I saw where...

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Dec 01, 1999

Finally - a carburetor question!

Dear Car Talk

I have a El Camino with a engine and a four-barrel carburetor This car takes about to miles to warm up and run smoothly although the heater starts working much quicker than that When I try to accelerate before the...

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