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Nov 06, 2015

Rolling Sculptures: The Keno Brothers' Car Auction

Jim Motavalli

Best known for judging fine American furniture on Antiques Roadshow, the twins are branching out into a lifelong passion--classic automobiles.

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Jun 01, 2015

5 Extra-Cool eBay Listings: Green Day's camper and Miss Hurst Golden Shifter

Jim Motavalli

Got a million burning a hole in your Paypal account? Good news! We've got some eBay deals for you.

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May 07, 2014

Honey, I Bought a Monorail!

Ian Chillag

Car Talk blogger Ian Chillag considers a purchase on eBay. Seats 36, so perfect for a big family, uses half the rails of a conventional train, and just think of the insurance savings (because no one will insure it)!