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There's Only One Way to Cheap out on Car AC
Feb 20, 2019

There's Only One Way to Cheap out on Car AC

Dear Car Talk

It involves Bermuda shorts and marital counseling.

air conditioning marital advice

A Solution That's Fit to Be Tried
Aug 02, 2018

A Solution That's Fit to Be Tried

Dear Car Talk

The sloshing sound in this Honda Fit is likely AC related.

noises air conditioning 2008

A Pricey AC Fix Might Become Cheaper with an Easy Test
Jul 06, 2017

A Pricey AC Fix Might Become Cheaper with an Easy Test

Dear Car Talk

The dealership said Cynthia needed $1500 in repairs to make her VW's AC work again. Additional testing might save her some serious bucks.

air conditioning Volkswagen Jetta 2010

why does hitting the blower motor on my AC fix it when it's stuck
Oct 06, 2016

This 4Runner's Blower Motor is a Whack Job

Dear Car Talk

Dale's Toyota 4Runner has a blower that sometimes needs a solid whack to get working. Should he replace it, or just smack it a while longer?

blower motors air conditioning DIY Toyota 4Runner 2007

why is my audi leaking water and flooding my carpets
Sep 08, 2016

This Frustrating Water Leak May Have a Cheap Fix

Dear Car Talk

A mysterious leak has baffled Tina and waterlogged her Audi's carpeting. What's the source of this irritating irrigation?

air conditioning leaks Audi Q7 2007

why does the gas pedal in my car release when i brake hard or turn on the air conditioner
Jul 21, 2016

Unintended Acceleration with A/C Running Wasn't by Design

Dear Car Talk

Jon's Ford Fairmont gained some uncool pep when he turned on the a/c. 

air conditioning Ford 1981

can modern cars handle cranking the air conditioning during steep ascents
Mar 22, 2016

Can Car Talk Solve Marital Dispute About the AC?

Dear Car Talk

Bill and his wife had a car years ago that would overheat on steep grades if they ran the AC. They've upgraded their cars since then but now they disagree on whether they still have to use the heater on inclines. Who's side will Car Talk take? 

air conditioning spouses

Mercedes ML430 clicks when AC is on
May 21, 2015

How Much Would You Pay to Fix "Annoying"?

Dear Car Talk

Ken's car makes a clicking sound when the AC is on the coldest setting. The problem is gate motor but the fix involves taking out the entire dash. What does Car Talk recommend?

air conditioning noises

Why do cars no longer have vent windows
Apr 28, 2015

Where Have All the Vent Windows Gone?

Dear Car Talk

John just got around to replacing his '73 MGB and he's missing the vent windows. Why do new cars not have these? Find out, here. 

windows air conditioning

Honda Civic AC blows hot air
Apr 10, 2014

Dealer vs. Independent Mechanic: AC Trouble

Dear Car Talk

Steve's Honda Civic needs some work done to his AC. The Honda dealer said the compressor is shot, but Steve's local mechanic thought it might just be some faulty sensors. Find out who Tom and Ray think is right, plus how Steve can find out, right here.

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