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Jan 26, 2017

Proper Maintenance, Not Additives, Is What a Car Needs

Dear Car Talk

Prolonging your engine's life may mean keeping clean oil in it instead of feeding it slick additives.

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Does a Mercedes engine need urea
Mar 20, 2012

Mercedes Care: Just add . . . Urea?

Dear Car Talk

Dan's dealer says he'll need to add urea to his new Mercedes's engine. Is this necessary or is Dan getting suckered?

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Do gas additives improve performance
Feb 08, 2012

Today: Do Gas Additives Actually Improve Performance?

Dear Car Talk

Why should John pay his dealer for a fuel-induction service when he can save $100 by using a gas additive?


Effects of urine in gas tank
Nov 15, 2011

Today: The Firebird and the Angry Little Brother

Dear Car Talk

I learned that a "homemade octane booster" had been added to the gas tank of my friend's early-'80s Pontiac Firebird by an angry little brother.  The engine was running better than ever the next day.  Coincidence?


can using an additive keep my head gasket from blowing
Oct 01, 2010

Should you wait until your car overheats to fix a blown head gasket?

Dear Car Talk

I have a 2002 Subaru Forrester. Upon my monthly check of fluids, I was shocked to see that there was no cooling fluid in the reservoir. I immediately took it to the shop, where they told me the head gasket was...

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Effects of extra nitrogen in gas
Jul 01, 2009

Does extra nitrogen in gas really do anything?

Dear Car Talk

Is there any merit to the claim that nitrogen in gasoline has any benefit for cleaning the engine? What's the chemistry behind it? Or is this just the latest gasoline-additive scam? -- David TOM: Hmm. Maybe they're trying to get...


is there a cheap workaround to avoid an engine flush for an inactive car
Oct 01, 2006

What happens when gas sits around inside a car that's been parked for a year?

Dear Car Talk

My son has been in Iraq for almost a year. He left his car with us, and it has been sitting in the driveway the whole time. My plan is to sell the car and send the money to my...

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are additives worth using regularly in my car
Oct 01, 2004

Additives: often a profit-center for garages.

Dear Car Talk

In the past six months or so four auto-repair shops that I sometimes use including a Toyota and Subaru dealership have started to heavily promote additives They claim that worth of additives for fuel oil coolant and transmission identified as...


can additives really help prevent leaks around seals in my car
Jun 01, 2003

Do additives that claim to repair seals and stop leaks really work?


I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and live in the hot dry Southwest Both my main seal and my transfer-case seal are slowly leaking There are a number of additive products available at the auto-parts store that claim they will...

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Apr 01, 2003

Is "dry gas" worth the extra cash?

Dear Car Talk

Every time I fill my gas tank I buy half a quart of dry gas My father says it really helps with the fuel line and keeps things clean Is this stuff legit or am I wasting my cash --...

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