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Who's to Blame for High Bill?
May 10, 2018

Who's to Blame for High Bill?

Dear Car Talk

Is this a case of proper maintenance or a padded bill?

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Handling the Glare of Multiple Warning Lights
Mar 29, 2018

Handling the Glare of Multiple Warning Lights

Dear Car Talk

It's hard to tell if dual warning lights spell doom.

Subaru Outback 2007

Subaru engine noises
Jan 26, 2017

Subaru Engine Sounds - They All Do That

Guest Bloggers

Johnznot's new Subaru Outback is making a noise. His dealer says "they all do that." Is this true, or is the dealer just trying to get out of doing any work? Our verdict here.

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Jan 24, 2017

This Manual Is Acting Like an Automatic

Dear Car Talk

Kelly's Subaru Outback takes off when she eases out the clutch--something it hasn't done before. What's affecting her idle speed?

throttles Subaru Outback 2009

Suburus burning oil.
Sep 14, 2016

Used Subarus– Buy This One, Not That One

Car Talk Car Complaints

Used Subarus pose a unique challenge for buyers. Here's what you need to know about the excessive oil consumption issue.

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is vehicle dynamic control worth the extra cost in a subaru outback wagon
Jan 01, 2005

Is a "dynamic stability control" system worth the money?

Dear Car Talk

My husband and I recently moved from Connecticut to Colorado and are considering buying a new car We have a BMW i which I have loved but because we are now in a place with a lot more snow and...

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