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'Sloppy' Clutch Means Eventual Replacement
Sep 11, 2018

'Sloppy' Clutch Means Eventual Replacement

Dear Car Talk

Here's another mechanic-ese translation tip from Ray

manual transmissions clutches Toyota Corolla 2004

Just Say 'No' to Rustproofing
Dec 12, 2017

Just Say 'No' to Rustproofing

Dear Car Talk

Think twice before purchasing rustproofing for your new-ish car.

rust buying Toyota Corolla 2015

A Weaving Car Is Not Safe to Drive
May 25, 2017

A Weaving Car Is Not Safe to Drive

Dear Car Talk

Lucy checked all the usual suspects on her weaving Corolla, but there's another culprit to investigate.

alignment tires steering Toyota Corolla 1999

Jan 10, 2017

Selling a Car with an Open Recall

Dear Car Talk

Sue is selling a Toyota with an open airbag recall. Here's how to rehome it with a clear conscience. 

selling airbags Toyota Corolla 2002

Corolla vibrates when stopped with brake on
May 02, 2014

What's Making Jillian's Corolla Shake?

Dear Car Talk

Jillian loves her Corolla but it has one problem--an annoying vibration that happens whenever the car is stopped with the brake engaged. Her mechanic has tried everything and is now stumped. Tom and Ray suspect the problem may be so simple her mechanic is overlooking it. Find out what's causing this and how she can fix it, right here.

hoods Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla makes fan noise when car is off
Feb 14, 2013

The Little Corolla That Wouldn't Quit

Dear Car Talk

Elaina's Corolla has a strange problem--parts of it keep running even when the engine is shut off. She's taken it in to the dealer, but they can't find the source of the noises. Will Tom and Ray help Elaina out, or are they too busy wondering why she keeps hanging out in the garage after the car is turned off?

emissions valves Toyota Corolla

Apr 01, 1995

How to best maintain a car that's used only for short trips.

Dear Car Talk

As a faithful practitioner of the mile oil and filter change rule I believed that my reliable Toyota Corolla and I would be together for many more years to come Now to my chagrin I have been told by a...

oil maintenance Toyota Corolla

Mar 01, 1995

My dealer says that a Geo Prizm is the EXACT same car as a Toyota Corolla. True or false?

Dear Car Talk

I have been looking for a new car I presently drive an ' Toyota Corolla which has over miles on it so I'm afraid it might be ready to give out The Chevrolet salesman told me that their Geo Prizm...

mail bag Geo Prizm Toyota Corolla

Oct 01, 1993

Get used to that '79 Corolla, it may never die.

Dear Car Talk

I have a problem with my car that I have never seen addressed in your column before I drive a Toyota Corolla that I bought new years ago The problem I am having is that I can't get it to...

Toyota Corolla 1979

Jan 01, 1992

Wise Guy

Dear Car Talk

I am writing to expose the myth of Japanese car superiority We purchased a new Toyota Corolla in January of ' and it has just reached miles--somehow Despite changing the oil and filter every to miles and getting a major...

mail bag Toyota Corolla 1988