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Brothers Play Blame Game over Damage to '63 BMW
Sep 04, 2018

Brothers Play Blame Game over Damage to '63 BMW

Dear Car Talk

The grudge lasted much longer than the car.

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Air-Bag Recall Is a Risk-Management Issue
Oct 17, 2017

Air-Bag Recall Is a Risk-Management Issue

Dear Car Talk

So your car still has an airbag recall. Do you drive it, deal witih a lesser loaner, or invent protective garb?

airbags recalls BMW 335

Bad Head Gasket Can Lead to 'SOBS'
May 16, 2017

Bad Head Gasket Can Lead to 'SOBS'

Dear Car Talk

Art's BMW occasionally releases a smoke screen that would make James Bond proud. His mechanic isn't having any luck replicating the problem. What gives?

emissions gaskets fluids smoke BMW 325 2003

Does One Flat Tire Require Purchasing Two?
Apr 25, 2017

Does One Flat Tire Require Purchasing Two?

Dear Car Talk

Chen is mix-and-matching tire inflation pressure to account for wear differences between a new tire and older ones. There are better options.

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2016 BMW 340i
Aug 23, 2016

Rev Matching the BMW: Where's the Off Switch?

Jim Motavalli

BMWs, Porsches, GM and Nissan cars offer "improved" manual transmissions that make heel and toeing a thing of the past.

manual transmissions high-tech BMW 340i 2016

Elvis BMW roadster
Aug 08, 2016

Elvis' BMW: Lost and Now Spectacularly Found Again

Jim Motavalli

While he was famously in the Army, stationed in Germany, Elvis commuted to work in a BMW 507 roadster--a car that was lost for decades. Now it's back on the road, and headed for Pebble Beach.

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Jun 09, 2016

"Calling All Electric Cars! Time for Police Duty!"

Jim Motavalli

BMW is leasing 100 plug-in i3s to the LAPD. Cop squads these days are using Bugattis, Ferraris, Teslas, Chevy Volts and electric motorcycles.

electric vehicles BMW i3

Sep 19, 2014

Forget that SUV: Five Great Alternatives

Jim Motavalli

Wish the high-center-of-gravity, low MPG SUV would just… go away? It’s not going to. But, here are some much better options, in our opinion.

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Is the era of the huge SUV over
Aug 23, 2013

BMW X1 and the Return of the Clown Car

Jamie Lincoln Kitman

Is America finally getting over its infatuation with the SUV, and returning to cars that actually carry lots of stuff?

reviews SUVs crossovers BMW X1 2013

Oct 08, 2011

Forward Thinking: BMW Goes Electric and Ponders the World's Urban Future

Jim Motavalli

The BMW Guggenheim Lab is a traveling think tank designed to produce out-of-the-box thinking about living in tomorrow's megacities. And it also promotes a new wave of electrified BMWs.

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