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May 01, 1994

My Toyota Tercel WD has only miles---a great little car...

Dear Car Talk

My Toyota Tercel WD has only miles---a great little car But when I'm in WD and make a hard turn while driving slow like in a parking lot I get a strange sound from the front end and it feels...

4WD driving tips

May 01, 1993

The meaning of 4x4.

Dear Car Talk

I work as an engineer at one of the Big Three in Detroit and during a discussion with my engineering colleagues it was revealed that none of us knew what the numbers X means After debating we decided that the...


Dec 01, 1991

"All Wheel" versus "Four Wheel" drive.

Dear Car Talk

My driveway is quite steep and I have an old beat-up four wheel drive truck that I use to get in and out of it in the winter when there's snow or ice on the ground I also have a...


Jan 01, 1991

Four-wheel drive vs. steering

Dear Car Talk

Marilyn says she's not the best snow driver and she's looking for a new car with either four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering. Tom and Ray explain her options.

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Dec 01, 1989

What's does 4 X 4 actually mean?

Dear Car Talk

I had the impression that X meant wheel drive and speed manual transmission Now I see advertisements for X X etc What do these terms mean Will TOM This is what we'll call automotive poetic license I always thought that...