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May 01, 2001

Should I be using 4WD in cold, rainy conditions?

Dear Car Talk

Yesterday I was driving my Ford Expedition on the highway in Vermont There was a cold rain when I started out but it was above freezing I was driving at about mph when without warning I must have hit some...

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Nov 01, 2000

Is my pickup fit for snow driving?

Dear Car Talk

I live in Florida and I am planning to visit a friend in Minnesota for the holidays I understand it tends to snow there I have a -by- pickup with Bubba tires big and fat which I figured would be...

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Mar 01, 2000

4WD, AWD, front/rear-wheel drive for winter driving? How about "traction control"?

Dear Car Talk

I've been thinking about buying a new car and one of my big concerns is performance in the snow I'm looking for a full-sized car but I'm confused about whether I should be looking for all-wheel drive front-wheel drive or...

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Aug 01, 1999

How can I safely flat-tow a manual transmission 4WD?

Dear Car Talk

I want to flat-tow my Toyota Runner five speed four-wheel drive for about miles But I can't seem to get the same answer from any two people on how best to do it Through the magic of the Internet I've...

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Dec 01, 1997

Worry less about the power distribution to the wheels in your truck and focus on getting better quality tires.

Dear Car Talk

Since early childhood I have been told by many a cigar-smoking wrench-toting grease-covered mechanic that a normal rear differential delivers power to only one rear wheel I was further told that this phenomenon was so complicated and required such advanced...

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Apr 01, 1996

Is it possible to just chain up one wheel for snow driving?

Dear Car Talk

It's this neighbor of mine see The guy always makes wild statements after we put a can of beer in his hands This time he was after the snow chain manufacturers claiming they make a bundle unnecessarily because a regular...

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Oct 01, 1995

Can you recommend a vehicle that will be able to handle Lake Tahoe snow?

Dear Car Talk

I recently moved to Lake Tahoe California to be with my fiance I drive an ' Dodge Colt which has been a great car but I believe I need something better suited to the ice and snow as well as...

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Sep 01, 1995

When should I be engaging the 4WD on my Ford Explorer?

Dear Car Talk

With winter driving conditions upon us I need to have a difference of opinion settled I have a four wheel drive Ford Explorer The four wheel drive should be a plus in hazardous driving conditions such as ice However whenever...


May 01, 1995

I have four wheels on my rear axle -- is that just as good as 4-wheel drive?

Dear Car Talk

Please settle an argument in which I am embroiled My Dodge-chassis motorhome has dual rear wheels side by side I maintain that I thus have a four wheel drive vehicle in effect with as much traction as any garden-variety WD...


Nov 01, 1994

My wife has a Bronco II X with manually locking...

Dear Car Talk

My wife has a Bronco II X with manually locking hubs I say it's all right to leave the hubs locked even though the four wheel drive is not engaged This is for short drives of less than miles It's...