Don't Make an Aftermarket Mistake

Dear Car Talk

Dear Car Talk | Feb 26, 2019

Balance potential gains with the possible loss of your warranty

aftermarket parts warranties GMC 3500

Detroit, MI in the 19th Century
Jan 25, 2019

My Motor City Roots

Jim Motavalli

My great-great-great grandfather was mayor of Detroit, and left an interesting legacy. His ex-slave cook became the toast of Paris.


Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program
Jan 24, 2019

Turn Your Old Car Into Your Favorite NPR Show!

Staff Blog

Find out how to support your favorite NPR station by donating your old car via the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program.

Vehicle Donation Program

Ariel view of winding road.
Jan 22, 2019

Some Options That Fit the Off-Road-Adventuring Bill

Dear Car Talk

Stephen wants to replace his old 4x4. What's his best bet?

off-road 4WD Jeep Grand Cherokee Subaru Forester

Man works on car engine
Jan 17, 2019

YouTube Is a Good Place to Start for Car-Repair Help

Dear Car Talk

But you'll need some spare time and sandwiches.

steering alignment DIY Buick Regal 2003

Bantam Jeep prototype, 1940
Jan 17, 2019

How We Got Here: A History of SUV Mania

Jim Motavalli

Consumers drove the all-wheel drive craze, not crafty auto marketeers. The 1984 Jeep Cherokee just took off. Who knew? It's illogical, so it couldn't have been predicted.

SUVs history

Jan 16, 2019

'Genius' Mechanic Pinpoints Source of Thunking Sound

Dear Car Talk

Thwack, clunk, and bonk would point to another culprit.

noises mechanics Toyota Solara